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CDG Real Estate Offers many services, and for less than a typical Real Estate Commission...
  • Seller Representation
    Because of our strong ties in the community and many years working in the market, we have the ability to attract multiple serious and qualified prospects for all of our clients.
  • Buyer Representation
    When you work with CDG Healthcare Real Estate, your interests become our interests. We will honestly and fairly represent you and work only on your behalf to arrive at the best outcome for you as the buyer.
  • Leasing/Property Management
    The quality of outpatient and medical office buildings' operations can have a direct impact on image and ability to attract and retain building tenants. Our leasing and property management services professionals will provide effective and proactive management of properties.
  • Space Planning
    Successful marketing of space (or land) relies on an educated client. Prior to asking a client to make such a significant financial commitment, they need to know how the space will be configured to meet their particular specialty and personal requirements.
  • Regulatory Review/Due Diligence
    CDG Real Estate will meet with the City or County to review the current zoning of the client’s property and verify issues such as: securing survey, geotechnical and environmental information; determining zoning restrictions; reviewing future land use; defining re-zoning and conditional use; determining impact fee structure; and evaluating concurrency issues.
  • Site Planning
    Based on findings during meetings with the appropriate municipality, CDG Real Estate will meet with prospective buyers and provide customized land planning services.
  • Estimating
    Whether for the construction of interior space or the development of an entire site, CDG Real Estate will develop a conceptual budget for both construction costs, as well as project “soft costs” such architectural and engineering fees, impacts fees, construction period interest, etc.
  • Scheduling
    Our in-house construction department will devise a schedule for completing the project based on the above estimate.